Episode 5

Ruby Makes A Nasi Lemak Sandwich

Ruby White, a.k.a Miss Changy, is a Jack of all trades. One minute you’ll find her in an apron making piles of curly noodles by hand, the next she’ll be covered in clay, moulding her signature noodle bowls. Ruby has been described (by us) as a “walking art project”. Her ethos is to shun the commercial and mass produced, returning to a time when everything was hand made. If you find yourself at a Changy event, everything – from the adorable animations, to noodles, bowls, chopsticks, ceramic cups, plates, signage, even the stools you’re sitting on – will be made by her. She’s always experimenting, creating and striving to be better at everything she does. And it’s this attention to detail that make Miss Changy, and her events, so special. Soundtrack by SwervinMervin.